Dispatch April 8, 2019

OP-ED: Mueller reveals US and Europe have a Russia problem

America is currently in the dark about the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But the one conclusion that is known and not in doubt is that Russia conducted a massive interference campaign in the 2016 US election in order to help elect Donald Trump. This finding should give both sides of the Atlantic pause.

Last week, William Barr, Donald Trump’s handpicked Attorney General, informed the United States Congress that Mueller has completed his investigation. Barr also provided the American legislators with what he described as Mueller’s “principal conclusions”.

There were three conclusions discussed in the letter and one considerable omission. First, and most overlooked, is that Russia did indeed interfere in the 2016 election on Donald Trump’s behalf. Second, Mueller did not judge the Trump campaign to have entered into a criminal conspiracy with Russia during the election. Third, the Attorney General determined that the president did not commit obstruction of justice, seemingly dismissing the intentions of the Special Counsel to let Congress make that determination. One key aspect of the investigation that was conspicuously absent from the letter, however, was any mention of the findings from the counterintelligence part of the Mueller investigation. Concerns that Donald Trump and his associates have been compromised by Russia has always been central to the allegations against him, which is why the FBI opened an official counterintelligence investigation into the President in May 2017.