Dispatch February 2, 2018

The Nunes Memo: Annotated

President Donald Trump’s defenders in Congress have spent the last year drumming up conspiracy theories that crumble under the least bit of scrutiny and today’s release of the declassified ‘Nunes memo’ is just one more instance. House Republicans clearly intended to further a counter-narrative that a liberal FBI used one opposition research dossier to justify surveilling a Trump advisor.

To try to prove this, Rep. Nunes cherry-picked information from subpoenaed DOJ documents. So if you read the memo without any context (as many of its cheerleaders in the House lack) its release may seem to help the president. But in fact, it just shows that a Russian agent had infiltrated the Trump campaign.

The Moscow Project has annotated the “Nunes memo,” highlighting facts that were omitted, assertions not supported, and inaccuracies.