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Dispatch February 27, 2019

Cohen Testimony Takeaways

Michael Cohen’s testimony reinforced just how open-and-shut the case for collusion has become. In his seven hours before the House Oversight Committee, Cohen provided answers to some of the key questions remaining in the Russia investigation.

Dispatch February 26, 2019

Why the Attempts to Obstruct Mueller Matter

Opponents of the Mueller investigation have spent the past two years doing everything in their power to prevent Americans from learning the truth about whether the president of the United States is compromised. President Donald Trump and his Republican accomplices in Congress have tried to stymie Special Counsel Robert Mueller at every step and from every angle. Despite it all, he’s still turned up damning evidence of collusion.

Dispatch February 26, 2019

OP-ED: The Russians Are Coming in 2020. Dems Don’t Have to Be Victims This Time.

Just last week, Italian investigative reporters revealed that the Kremlin is providing $3 million to support the European election campaign of Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s far right party. Similarly, right before the 2018 U.S. midterms, federal prosecutors exposed a multi-million dollar Russian digital campaign to influence the election. Two critical elections, two cases of Russia seeking to influence the outcome. The sad reality of our politics is that foreign interference in the 2020 election cycle is almost guaranteed. America’s non-response to Russia’s political assault has shown Russia and other adversaries that with Donald Trump at the helm, there is no cost to messing in America’s democratic process. To make matters worse, the person in charge of protecting America actually has a vested interest in ignoring the problem. Most recently, the Trump administration gutted key government programs designed to protect elections, essentially laying out the welcome mat for Russia to intervene in 2020.

Dispatch February 22, 2019

Unanswered Questions for Mueller and Congress

The latest predictions of an end to the Mueller investigation seem to be producing more smoke than usual: According to sources speaking to both CNN and The Washington Post, Attorney General William Barr is preparing for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to file a report on his investigation soon. As we wait to see what form that report takes, and what the public learns about the end of Mueller’s investigation, what we’ve seen already raises important unanswered questions.

Dispatch February 13, 2019

Burr’s Blind Eye To Collusion

Senator Richard Burr needs to re-examine what he thinks is acceptable campaign contact with hostile foreign powers. The very same day that The Washington Post extensively detailed a secret meeting between Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a suspected Russian intelligence operative, Konstantin Kilimnik, Burr claimed the Senate Intelligence Committee has found “no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Dispatch January 31, 2019

Roger Stone’s Successful WikiLeaks Backchannel

If the allegations prove true, Roger Stone’s indictment doesn’t just reveal the Trump campaign attempted to establish a backchannel to WikiLeaks; it shows that they succeeded, gaining inside knowledge that helped create a scandal that dogged Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Support the Moscow Project

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