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Dispatch March 25, 2018

Michael Cohen, Bag Man

Through his own admission, Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney, played the role of Trump’s ‘fixer’ in the Stormy Daniels affair, paying Daniels hush money and covering it up in the waning days of the campaign. The allegations against Cohen in the Stormy Daniels affair bear a striking similarity to reports from the Steele Dossier: namely, that Michael Cohen went to Prague as a representative of Trump’s campaign to meet with the Russians to cover up collusion between the two sides.

Dispatch March 22, 2018

New Moscow Project Report on NBC: 70 Contacts Between Trump Team and Russia, House Intel Failed to Investigate Most

A new brief from the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Moscow Project shows that based on public reporting and indictments by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there are at least 70 known contacts between Trump’s team and Russia linked operatives during the campaign and transition, including at least 22 meetings. In 81 percent of these cases, the House Intel committee obtained either no or partial information from the relevant Trump representative.

Dispatch March 15, 2018

What Replacing Sessions Could Mean For the Mueller Investigation

In light of reports that the Special Counsel has recently subpoenaed President Trump’s business records, a move that Trump has previously described as crossing a “red line” (despite having no authority to draw such lines), recent rumors of Attorney General Sessions’ possible firing take on new urgency. These rumors include speculation that Trump may be planning to replace Sessions with EPA head Scott Pruitt. In addition to the numerous other questions this would raise, the move would also be an unlawful attempt to impede the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation.

Dispatch March 12, 2018

The House Intel Committee Proves It’s Part of the Cover-Up

The House Intelligence Committee says it is wrapping up interviews related to the Russian probe just days after new reporting revealed that a Trump associate lied to the committee. From the very beginning House Republicans have used their control of the Intelligence Committee to run interference for President Trump rather than investigate a foreign adversary’s attack on America’s democracy.

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