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Dispatch January 18, 2019

Trump’s Long Pattern of Obstruction

The report that Donald Trump personally directed his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about efforts to develop Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 campaign is the clearest evidence yet that the president obstructed justice to cover up the evidence of his collusion with Russia. Of course, this just adds to a long list of examples of the president obstructing justice.

Dispatch January 18, 2019

Congressional Republicans’ Dereliction of Duty

The New York Times’s report that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into whether President Donald Trump was acting as a Russian agent raises the prospect that the president may be a clear and present danger to US national security. It wasn’t just the FBI investigating—both the House and Senate intelligence committees opened investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia. But over the past two years, instead of trying to protect our national security, Republicans in Congress worked hard to undermine US law enforcement and protect Trump at all costs. They have been derelict in upholding their duty to protect the Constitution and the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Dispatch January 17, 2019

Five Easy Examples of Collusion for Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is back on his goalpost-moving game, backtracking on two years of denials that there was “no collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. And he is right to backtrack—it has been obvious for a long time that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Dispatch January 10, 2019

INTERACTIVE: 100+ Contacts Between the Trump Campaign and Russia

As a result of an improperly redacted court filing this week by former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort’s lawyers, new details emerged revealing that the Trump campaign shared private polling data with individuals linked to Russian intelligence during the 2016 election, bringing the current count of contacts between Trump campaign and transition officials and Russia-linked figures above 100 for the first time.

Dispatch January 9, 2019

OP-ED: When the Pardon Furthers the Conspiracy: Limits to the Pardon Power

As the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election continues to close in on President Donald Trump and his closest advisors, there have been reinvigorated concerns that he will attempt to use his pardon power to undermine the investigation. While concerns about the lengths to which Trump will go to protect himself and his inner circle from accountability are well-founded, there are important limits to the pardon power. The president’s pardon power cannot be used to: (1) pardon state crimes, (2) remove federal civil liability, (3) pardon impeachment, or (4) pardon crimes that have not already occurred.

Dispatch December 17, 2018

RELEASE: New CAP Report Provides Road Map for Congressional ‘Follow the Money’ Investigations

Washington, D.C. — Anonymous bank accounts, shell corporations, and front companies are all tools that foreign adversaries can use to execute anonymous financial transactions that facilitate attacks on free and fair democratic elections. A new report today from the Center for American Progress reveals how corporate opacity and Donald Trump’s business interests converged to forge channels that could have allowed the Russian government to provide material support to Trump’s campaign.

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