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Mueller Found Evidence of Collusion

We’ve been waiting for two years to hear the answer to the question of whether or not Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. The answer is in: He did. The spin from Attorney General Barr and the president that there was no evidence of collusion is simply not true. In 173 pages on Russian interference, Mueller identified constant contact and interaction between the Russian campaign to elect Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. Mueller found clear evidence of collusion, as the examples below demonstrate.

The Mueller Report, Like the Watergate Roadmap, Should be Considered an Impeachment Referral

Despite Attorney General Bill Barr’s redactions and spin, it is clear that the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be considered an impeachment referral for obstruction of justice by the President of the United States, akin to Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski’s “roadmap” detailing troubling actions by President Richard Nixon.

Dispatch April 18, 2019

Barr’s Spin Means Nothing. Here Are the Facts That Haven’t Changed.

Attorney General Bill Barr did what Trump hired him to do. His press conference was little more than an effort to spin Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But his spin does nothing to change what we’ve already seen. The Trump campaign was complicit in Russia’s attack on American democracy—and Trump’s accomplices, including now Barr himself, have done everything in their power to mislead the public about that attack and that complicity.

Dispatch April 12, 2019

“Rod is a Survivor”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just publicly backed Attorney General William Barr’s handling of the Russia investigation in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. His remarks shouldn’t come as a surprise: Rosenstein’s role in overseeing the investigation has been complicated, often oscillating back and forth between enabling the White House and backing Mueller’s probe.

Dispatch April 12, 2019

Bill Barr Goes Full Nunes

After more than two years of trying to shut down the Russia investigation, Trump has finally found his man to do it. It’s not just that Attorney General William Barr still refuses to release the full Mueller report to Congress. Now, he’s pushing the same conspiracy theories as such notorious Trump accomplices as former House Intel chairman Devin Nunes, undermining the very investigation he was supposed to be overseeing by questioning the origins of the Russia investigation.

Explainers April 10, 2019

Using Transparency to Deter Russia’s Asymmetric Attacks on the West

Russia is a relatively weak state on the international stage. A former great power, today it has a gross domestic product roughly equal to that of New York state; this feeds into the country’s insecurity about its role in the world and its economic and military strength compared with those of its chief competitors. Russia knows it cannot compete with the West on an even playing field. Thus, it has developed a shadowy, asymmetric strategy to subvert opponents and alter the global status quo. A key part of this approach is the country’s strategic use of ambiguity. As the United States responds to these attacks, and seeks to prevent future ones, it must take into account that public transparency, as well as its relationships with allies, are integral to any effective response.

Dispatch April 10, 2019

What Barr’s Testimony Tells Us About Releasing the Mueller Report

The evidence is piling up that Attorney General William Barr is helping President Donald Trump cover up potentially damaging information in the Mueller report. Look no further than his behavior before the House Appropriations Committee yesterday, where he declared that he would not send the “full, unredacted report” to the Judiciary Committee. He has consistently played the role of Cover-Up General, even seemingly in conflict with members of Mueller’s actual team.

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