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Explainers December 11, 2017

Flynn: Under Foreign Influence

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday, December 1, 2017 to lying to the F.B.I. regarding his previous contacts with the Russian ambassador. Click here for an accounting of Flynn’s previous contacts with Russia that, when put together, demonstrate a concerning pattern.

Dispatch December 5, 2017

NEW REPORT: Acts of an Adversary: Russia’s Ongoing Hostilities Toward the United States and Its Allies

Russia’s efforts to attack and undermine American democracy did not begin or end with the 2016 election. Russia’s vast espionage and cybercapabilities continue to target the United States government, its citizens, as well as America’s democratic allies around the world. This report outlines Russia’s continuing hostile actions toward the United States and its allies. It finds that the election of Donald Trump has not resulted in the Kremlin changing course or reducing its hostile actions toward the United States.

Dispatch December 5, 2017

Mueller’s Investigation is Cheaper than Whitewater and Iran-Contra

To put the $3.2M Robert Mueller has reported spending on his investigation in context, below are costs of two other major recent investigations of presidential administrations – the investigations into Whitewater and Iran-Contra. (Note: all inflation adjustments are based on the CPI calculator from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

Dispatch December 4, 2017

Why was Flynn Ousted from the White House, and Why did Trump’s Lawyer Go Nuclear this Morning?

Today, Trump’s lawyer stopped arguing that he didn’t obstruct justice and started arguing that because he’s president it’s okay, saying “a president cannot obstruct justice.” What would cause such a panicked response? We didn’t see this with Manafort, or even Papadopoulos. What are they so desperate to hide? Don’t forget we still don’t actually know why Mike Flynn was fired – and whether he was promised anything in exchange for upholding the cover story.

Explainers November 30, 2017

Trump’s Business in Russia, and Russia’s Business in Trump

President Donald Trump has attempted to distance himself from allegations of collusion by asserting that he has no business interests in Russia. That’s not for lack of trying; Trump’s efforts to establish a hotel in Moscow go back at least to 1987, when, according to his book The Art of the Deal, he discussed the possibility with the Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin. But the questions regarding the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government go beyond whether Trump has business in Russia. It is just as, if not more, important to understand the many ways that Russia has business in Donald Trump.

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